New iPhone5

Anxious for the new iPhone 5

We have all been waiting to hear and see what the new differences will be. Watch this video showing the preview of the  new iPhone5.  I had heard about the new smaller connection port.  However, I had not seen what the phone actually looks like before now.

I happen to love my iPhone and I have been anxious for the new model to be released on September 21.

Check out CNET TV’s review of the iPhone 5

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Because I knew the connection port would be smaller, I have been waiting to buy docks or other extras. I am glad the phone will be slightly bigger. Looking at such a small screen can be frustrating at times. Of course, this means it won’t fit as nicely into my pocket.

New iPhone 5 in the Classroom

The larger screen means it will be more competitive to the iPad especially in the classroom.  This will make several apps that most of us saved for the iPad applicable to the new iPhone5.

Many of the Apps listed in Common Core Standards in an iPad App and several of the Top Productivity iPad Applications for Teachers are available for the iPhone.  However, due to the small size of the iPhone 4, they weren’t always pleasant to use.  All of that may now be changing.  A tool small enough to easily carry around all day, yet powerful and large enough to complete most tasks.

I have heard rumors that there were issues with the battery along with copyright wars that delayed the release of the phone.  I assume that all is well in Apple land now.