How to Download YouTube Videos

How to download YouTube videos and other types of video clips

There are several options for downloading clips. Some are free and others are inexpensive. Remember, you get what you pay for. So while it is possible to download and edit for free, typically, the best options are purchased. Most are not expensive unless you want top of the line options then you may pay a couple of hundred dollars or more.

How to download YouTube videos EdTechTips
How to download YouTube videos EdTechTips

So you want to know how to download YouTube videos.  Here are six different programs that will let you download streaming video.

1. Download YouTube Videos with 1-Click for Free with the New RealDownloader.

This software downloader will grab any video online and download it.  It works extremely well with PCs.  However,I found that it does not work well with Macs.  They have a second program specifically for Macs.  It does work, but I found the Mac version to be tedious and frustrating to use.  It is not as user friendly as the one for PCs.  After the videos are downloaded you need a player to watch the videos.  You can Download RealPlayer ** FREE ** and it works effectively.  Of course if you want control of your content, you need to upgrade.  You can Order RealPlayer Plus Here for less than $50.
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2. Download Jaksta for Mac

This is a better option for the Mac.  It can download YouTube videos and save them for later viewing.  It’s easy to use.  Applian Technologies has an excellent list of products for PCs as well.  Definitely worth checking out. Applian Technologies Recording and Conversion Software.

3. NHL Video Capture Software: record from your screen, webcam or external device.

NHL provides a range of software to meet your needs. Edit video, convert, capture, stream and more. They have lots of free options that work with both PCs and Macs.  I use this one for detailed editing of clips.  If you want the power to edit, add sound and transitions, and all for free, this is the software for you. The editing part has multiple options so it is best for those who really want to mess around with editing videos. The downloading software is simple to use. I highly recommend checking out their range of products.

(I found a link to a discounted price!) Download today for 10-50% discount off the normal price.

4. VLC Media Player.

Download VLC Media Player for FREE This one is really simple and easy to use. Great for novices. VLC Media Player plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD and many popular video files such as MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV and many more with no codec packs needed.

5. CyberLink

They have software for creating production quality videos to home video editing. The range of options is wide. You can find software for creating e-learning programs to editing audio clips. So if you want to download YouTube videos, CyberLink has the software to download and edit streaming videos.  Right now you can SAVE Up to $35 on PowerDVD, PowerDirector and more

6. Roxio

Roxio is another media player that captures streaming video. Buy Roxio Copy & Convert 5 This one is well worth checking out.  If you are into gaming and want high quality capture of your games, Buy Roxio Game Capture – Capture, Edit, and Share your Xbox 360 & PS3 Gameplay Roxio Toast for PC or Mac at are excellent products.  Roxio is a well-known name in video publishing.  Their software can easily download YouTube videos.

For a complete list of media players and links to free music check out Media Players and Editors. If you are still not sure how to download YouTube videos, sign up for the newsletter at edtechtips to receive a free detailed guide to downloading YouTube videos.  It includes how to edit and embed them in presentations.