Free Common Core Math Lesson on Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Question 3

Preparing students for modifying cooking recipes using fraction bars.

Equivalent Fractions in a Common Core Lesson

This is an introductory lesson to equivalent fractions.  Best of all, it is free to subscribers of EdTechTips newsletter.

This lesson is designed for the Common Core Standard 4.NF.1  This is the first topic for fourth graders learning fractions. This lesson is flexible to allow you to use it and change it to completely meet the needs of your district.  It can be used in a standard classroom, a flipped classroom, or an EDI classroom.

The lesson can be broken down into sections.  Assign the first section to the students if you are using a flipped classroom setting.  The rest of the lesson can be used in class.  If you have a standard class setting, then the last part of the lesson can be set as homework rather than for in-class activity.  If you are in a district using EDI, the warm-up is set up in an EDI approach.  The lesson is also designed to be appropriate for structured instruction.

Group, partner, and individual activities are built in and are easily modified to meet your needs.  It includes a PowerPoint lesson that is animated to improve engagement and understanding.

In this lesson students learn that equivalent fractions have real world application.  Students change several recipes by increasing or decreasing the number of servings needed.  The recipes are created to be leveled in difficulty.  These recipes can be cooked in class for a bonus activity.

All materials needed for this free common core math lesson are included.

  • Printable Fraction Bar Page
  • Exit Ticket (Short Quiz)
  • Extra Practice Pages
  • Lesson Activity Pages
  • Teacher’s Guide

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