Free Common Core Lesson Plans

Free Common Core Lesson Plans

Free Common Core Lessons


With the Common Core looming ahead, I decided to find some useful resources and free
Common Core lesson plans you must keep bookmarked.  This list concentrates on general resources that work for all contents.

General Common Core Resources and Lesson Plans

This section includes a variety of sites for gathering information on the Common Core.  Since the Common Core requires teachers to include deeper thinking and more problem solving throughout.  Teaching methods required for the Common Core are different from those previously used.  It requires a more complex understanding of fewer subjects.

Lessons should be based upon real life scenarios.  Lessons must integrate comprehension, oral language, and writing.  The standards are to be incorporated in instruction and not isolated.  For example, the Common Core Standards for ELA have four major strands: Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking, and Language.  Combine all four strands within each lesson for a complete complex lesson.

The Common Core also includes speaking, presenting, and arguing a stance.  Technology is a perfect medium to meet these standards.  Students can present reports using vodcasting, PowerPoint, or any number of presentational software.

Liane Courtney has a Pinterest site that is worth following.  She focuses on Elementary skills.  Her list includes book titles, websites of schools, and educational sites.

Top 15 Productivity iPad Applications for Teachers lists useful iPad apps to help with productivity in the classroom.

Common Core Planner is a site that helps you plan your lessons and integrate the Common Core.  It is a free lesson planner.

Smart Exchange, the site for Smart Board users has recently aligned its content to the Common Core Standards.

Common Core Standards in an iPad App – a list of Apps to keep the Common Core Standards at your fingertips.

Kleinspiration offers many ideas and freebies.

Common Core Lesson Template developed by Cochrane Collegiate Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This school was one of the lowest performing schools.  A focused learning plan based upon their instructional model called Interactive Learning (IL) raised teacher enthusiasm and student scores.  IL promotes the student classroom experience by encouraging collaboration, interaction, and inquiry.  Each day teachers include the Top Ten IL Non-Negotiables in every class.

Implementing Common Core Standards – an article filled with ideas of how to carry out the new Common Core Standards.

Common Core Standards offers free posters of the standards.  Download and include in your lesson objective.  Of course, you can print them out and post on the wall.  I tend to work electronically so I like that they are easy to add to a PowerPoint or in a lesson on an interactive whiteboard.  It is a PDF.  If you need help placing only one page into your lesson, check out Tips and Tricks.


A key aspect of the Common Core is continuous monitoring of student learning.  Teaching must be data driven.  Teachers must fine tune methods of assessment.  Taking two weeks to grade a test purely for posting a grade in the grade book is no longer acceptable.  Data must be as instantaneous as possible.  Transferring clear records for reflection and use within Professional Learning Communities is the norm.

Testing against the Common Core Standards requires a showing a deeper understanding and using technology in providing answers.  Students must justify their answers.

Class Skills at a Glance Rubric lets you group your students in three categories.  With this rubric you can see how your whole class is doing at a glance.  I recommend turning it into a Google form to use on a tablet or iPad for easier use. This rubric checks skill level, depth into material, and provides a list of possible strategies.

Middle School Writing DYO Rubric is based upon the new standards

Discussion Protocols provides ideas for promoting discussion in the classroom.  It includes a sample student rubric.

Blank Formative Assessment Skills Tracker provides a quick at a glance method for assessing skills.

High School Analytic Writing DYO Rubric based upon 9th and 10th grade Common Core Standards.  Rubric looks at Point of View, Evidence, Connections, Opinions (Alternative POV), Significance/Analysis, and Communication.

RubiStar – create your own rubrics using their free site.  This is definitely useful as performance based assessment is mandated.

Note: several of the resources are a courtesy of Edutopia (another great resource).