Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Common Core Lesson Part 2

A new Equivalent Fractions Lesson is now available!

This lesson completes the segment on Equivalent Fractions as listed in the Common Core Standard 4.NF.1 Students learn how to find equivalent fractions using multiplication and division. Through a combination of discovery using fraction bars and guided instruction students learn what it means for fractions to be equivalent although their numbers look different.

Included in the package are activities to strengthen student understanding of fractions using fraction bars as well as a project involving problem solving.

The videos listed clarify meaning and encourage deep thinking.

This is the entire package.  It includes multiple forms of assessment.



Equivalent Fractions Bingo

Games are a wonderful way to seal in understanding or review for a test.  As a last segment to the section on Equivalent Fractions is Equivalent Fractions Bingo.  This game uses the skills learned through the first two lessons.  The Equivalent Fractions Bingo Game is a kit that includes the game boards, questions, and a PowerPoint option.


Common Core Lessons

Equivalent Fractions Question 3

The first Equivalent Fraction lesson is free to newsletter subscribers.  It teaches students how to modify recipes.  It is the perfect first step in preparing students to work deeply with complex fractions.

Check back often as our list of affordable, ready-to-use complete Common Core Lessons are released.


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