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With the new year begins a major change in our teaching strategies.  Now we must focus on helping students think and problem solve.  Yet, they must still have mastery of basic skills to be able to solve challenging problems.

Learning through Games

This has brought me to a pause in considering how to best assist teachers with meeting all student needs.  In fact, I have been concentrating on how to incorporate game play into lessons.  Over the past month, I have been developing a prototype game for basic skills mastery.  As I worked on ideas for the game, I considered whether the game should focus on basic skill mastery or problem solving.

For the moment, I am focusing on basic skill mastery and leaving problem solving skills for the teacher lessons.  However, as lessons are developed, I thought it would be a useful tool to have a matching game to develop student mastery in each topic.

Teachers Choose

As I was pondering on how to best implement the game idea, I realized, that it truly depends on what teachers need.  Would it be better to provide the educational games through a website or as a downloadable application?  Will the games be played at home or at school?  Depending on how they are accessed will change the game design.  Should they be built using HTML and JavaScript, C++, or Java.


New Lessons

More lessons are on the horizon.  Although there has been a pause in lesson development, it has not stopped and to reward your patience, here is a free animal jam membership! The focus on fractions continues.  Also, coming soon will be one of my favorite science lessons!