Common Core Standards in an iPad App

Common Core Standards

Tools to help with implementation.

After memorizing the old standards, here come new ones.  To help with the transition, several new iPad and iPhone apps are available.  Several are useful.  Which one you like is a matter of taste.

I have included a few for you to browse over.

Top 15 Productivity iPad Applications for Teachers lists iPad applications that improve productivity in the classroom.  If you’re looking for ideas of how to use an iPad effectively in the classroom, read 5 Ways to Effectively Integrate an iPad in the Classroom. New to an iPad and not sure where to start, check out iPad Video Lessons Reviews.


Common Core LogoThe first is the Common Core Standards by MasteryConnect.

Quickly find standards by subject, grade, and subject category (domain/cluster). This app includes Math standards K-12 and Language Arts standards K-12. Math standards include both traditional and integrated pathways (as outlined in Appendix A of the common core) and synthesizes Language Arts standards with the Corresponding College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR’s).

Common Core by Mastery Connect

Cost: Free

Rating: 3.5 stars






CS CoreCS Core   This app is designed for California.

Application contains the adopted California Common Core Content Standards in an easy to access format that is organized by content area – grade level – domain/strand – cluster – standard. The application was developed through the Instructional Services Department of the Merced County Office of Education in collaboration with member county offices of education in the California County Educational Technology Consortium (CCETC –, you can contact the managed IT services provider if you have any questions.


California Common Core


Cost: free

Rated: 4 stars.





EZ Math Core LogoJohn Anderson created an app dedicated to math in the Common Core called EZ math Core.

The only common core app that allows users to email, take notes, and search. All features that help educators save time.


Ez Math Core

This app is designed to make life easier for teachers.

Cost: $1.99

Rated at 4 stars.




KH Common Core LogoKendall Hill Common Core Math

Created to support educators and administrators with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in their classrooms and districts.  The Kendall Hunt Common Core Math app provides ‘Look-fors’ at all grade levels that direct educators to specific Content Standards as they are addressed throughout the curriculum. They may be used as a non-evaluative assessment resource and a peer-observation tool. The app provides suggested student responses for each of the Mathematical Practices as observational look-fors. These should be helpful in providing suggestions related to both planning and assessment for teachers, content leaders, and school-based administrators.KH Common Core Math




Cost: free

Rated: 5 stars



 Common Core Tracker LogoCommon Core Tracker

Common Core Tracker gives you the ability to transform your grade book and track Student Common Core Mastery! You can input and keep track of student scores directly from your iPad or your computer. Integrated Common Core and State Standards let you easily align any assignment. Gradebook with Mastery Tracking: Track your students’ mastery by creating assignments, aligning them to standards, and adding scores for all of your students.  Progress Report Student Data Graphing: Use the scores you entered to visualize student progress and plan interventions for standards that haven’t been mastered quite yet.

Common Core Tracker


Costs: $4.99

Rated: 3 stars




New York Common Core LA LogoNew York Common Core Language

The New Common Core has been adopted by most of the country. Participating states may choose to add up to 15%. New York’s most noticeable addition is prekindergarten standards. The search, email, and highlight features make this app very user friendly.


New York Common Core LA


Cost: $0.99

Rated: 4 stars