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Educational Technology Tips for Busy Teachers at School

Tools, ideas, lessons, great links – If it’s not here, just ask.

I have always loved technology.  I always get excited when new technologies become available.  My mind fills with ideas of how to incorporate them into lessons.   As a teacher, days would pass by.  I’d keep telling myself that I would make time to use the new technologies.  Often as not, I was busy grading, creating great lessons, making copies, and was too busy to even try to look at adding anything & words

I have always wished that someone would just give me materials that were ready to use especially to start with.  Then as I become comfortable, I could tweak it to suit my needs.

It never happened.

That is where the idea for the site came about.  I decided to dedicate my time to providing information and materials that would make including new technologies into instruction easier and more effective.

If there is something you want help with, please let me know.  I want your comments so that this site is personally helpful to you.

Debbie Nichols, MA
Educational Technology Consultant

B.S. Industrial Technology specializing in Manufacturing, Computers, and Robotics
M.A. Education, Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Educational Technology
Credentialed in Elementary Multiple Subjects with Supplemental Authorizations in Industrial Technology and Computer Science.
Credentialed in Language Acquisition Development for English Learners and Immersion Classes
Credentialed in Single Subject Mathematics for Junior High, High School, and Adult students.
Completed courses in Educational Technology, Reverse Instruction (Flipped Classrooms), and Employee Training.