Comparing Fractions Lesson Plan Common Core Standard 4.NF.2

PowerPoint including detailed animation.  It is broken into sections: Introduction, Comparing using a benchmark of 1/2, and Comparing using Common Denominators.

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Video music “Gentle Marimba” produced by Alastair Cameron.

This video is a preview of the first segment of the lesson PowerPoint. Because it is a PowerPoint, you have the control to choose which sections to use each day.

Save time. Start with a fully formed detailed lesson that includes videos, activity pages, and multiple forms of assessment.  In this Comparing Fractions Lesson plan the PowerPoint is broken into two sections.  Each section has enough depth to easily be one day’s lesson.  Assessments to check for understanding are built into the PowerPoint.  You have the option of deciding how you wish to assess the students formally or informally.  Activity pages matching the PowerPoint are included.

The Teacher’s Guide provides links to the Google Forms tied to this lesson.

4nf2 Comparing Fractions Teacher Guide
4nf2 Comparing Fractions Teacher Guide