Equivalent Fractions in Common Core Math Standards 4.NF.1 (Part 2)

Objective: Students will be able to recognize and generate equivalent fractions using multiplication and division.
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SMART Goal: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to show equivalent fractions in multiple methods:
 drawing,
 equations,
 explanation,
 and apply to real life scenario of sharing with friends.

American Common Core 4.NF.1. Explain why a fraction a/b is equivalent to a fraction (n × a)/(n × b) by using visual fraction models, with attention to how the number and size of the parts differ even though the two fractions themselves are the same size. Use this principle to recognize and generate equivalent fractions.

Included in Lesson:
• PowerPoint
• Videos and video list
• Assessments
• Activity Pages
• Extra Practice
• Teacher Pages

Use this lesson in a flipped classroom or a regular setting. For a flipped classroom, assign the initial video or one of the videos from the list to be watched the night before. This can occur by giving out the website of the YouTube video or by burning it onto a DVD or flash drive, (you must have software to download videos). Otherwise, watch the videos in class. Have students complete Video Assignment Page individually.
If you have fraction strips, pass them out to the students. Either each student can have a set of strips or partners can work together. If you do not have fractions strips, a printable page is included.

Equivalent Fractions in Common Core Math Standards 4.NF.1
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