Father’s Rant on Common Core goes Viral

Common Core homework

Father’s rant goes viral.  A second grader’s answer is not friendly enough. Everyone has seen at least one of these posts racing across the internet and flooding Facebook.  What is the truth, and why are they going viral? Electronic’s Engineer Continue reading

Summer is the time to Organize & Prioritize

Scanner organizes

Time to Organize & Prioritize How is it some people seem to get it all done?  What is the secret to great time management? There is never enough time. Lesson planning, learning new skills, being creative, grading, analyzing data, putting Continue reading

Educational Games

Ed Games Fun

Educational Games for the Common Core With the new year begins a major change in our teaching strategies.  Now we must focus on helping students think and problem solve.  Yet, they must still have mastery of basic skills to be Continue reading

Mayan Calandar The True Story in a Video

Aztec Sun Disk

End of the Word – Armageddon Is it the end of the World?  Obviously not.  We’re still here.  So what is the truth behind the calendar and the history of the Mayans? Rumors have flooded everyone’s imagination until any semblance Continue reading

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Common Core Lesson Part 2

A new Equivalent Fractions Lesson is now available! This lesson completes the segment on Equivalent Fractions as listed in the Common Core Standard 4.NF.1 Students learn how to find equivalent fractions using multiplication and division. Through a combination of discovery using Continue reading

Free Common Core Math Lesson on Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Question 3

Preparing students for modifying cooking recipes using fraction bars. Equivalent Fractions in a Common Core Lesson This is an introductory lesson to equivalent fractions.  Best of all, it is free to subscribers of EdTechTips newsletter. This lesson is designed for the Continue reading

The Flipped Classroom: Teaching Strategies

Flipped Classroom

  The Flipped Classroom: Teaching Strategies This is part 2 of “Flip Classroom Instruction: How to Guide”. Sign up for the newsletter now so you don’t miss out on the upcoming segments. The Flipped Classroom The Plan for the Flipped Continue reading

How to Download YouTube Videos

How to download YouTube videos EdTechTips

How to download YouTube videos and other types of video clips There are several options for downloading clips. Some are free and others are inexpensive. Remember, you get what you pay for. So while it is possible to download and Continue reading